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Forms and Letters
“Indeed, these forms and letter formats will be very helpful to me. Thank you again.”
Purnima Dabholkar, Mumbai, India

“Thank you so much for the requsted copies. I really like what I have read and think that I will be able to use them as a pattern for this office.”
Melinda, Cooper, TX
“My insurance clerk and I have both attended seminars given by you and are subscribers to your newsletter. We've found your guidance to be invaluable!”
Kris Bendixon, McHenry Dental Specialists

“First, I want to acknowledge how professional your site is and thank you for all of the information you sent to my office manager that led me to your site. Your communication is very clear and detailed, which I appreciate and value.”
Dr. Beth A. Gold, Marysville, WA

“Thank you so much for the reinforcement & taking time to respond to my questions!”
Jamie Wisdom, Cape Girardeau, MO

“Marianne - I can't thank you enough for breaking this down for me! I will be singing your praises for many months to come!”
Paula Fix, Village Family Dental, Fayetteville, NC

“Thank you for your time today. YOU ARE AMAZING!! I got the CDs and LOVE THEM. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Man, you're good!! BRILLIANT!”
Daniel Vincent, University Place, Washington

“I am a dental office manager. Through the years whenever I get a situation I don't know how to resolve, I've always called on the expertise of Marianne Harper. She has come to my rescue every time. I find her knowledge invaluable. She never makes me feel stupid for asking any question.”
Brenda B. Parker, Office Manager, New Bern, NC

“You are awesome! Thank you so much for training us today. We need way more training like this – sometimes we focus too much on clinical and forget that it's a business that needs to be run efficiently!”
S. Skinner, Brentwood, TN

“Great job! Very informative!”
Heather, Brentwood, TN

“You’re a super star… thank-you so much”
Melissa, Houston, TX

“I appreciate your prompt assistance and excellence on this project I did — your help was invaluable.”
Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS, Addison, IL

“You are so amazing!! This profession is blessed to have you... I have myself been in this amazing field for over 30 yrs and continue to learn from wonderful individuals such as yourself. Thank-you for responding.... I never expect to hear back from fast paced professionals, but was happy you took the time.”
Patty Mansfield, Nashua, NH

“We have been using the medical billing and it is doing GREAT.”
Ericka Chavez, Fontana, CA

“I just finished reading your newsletter! BEAUTIFULLY done! I enjoyed your insight.”
D. Sabatini, RDH Hobe Sound, Fl

“Great program!”
Ericka Chavez, Fontana, CA

“Marianne, you are very approachable and friendly. Makes it easy for participants to ask questions.”
Dr. Bindi Patel, Riverside, CA

“Course answered all my questions.”
Jades Jimenez, New York, NY

“Marianne Harper must be “quite a gal” to have put this all together. It looks very thorough and well done. I’m sure our staff will appreciate Marianne’s efforts to get this all together.”

Dr. Al Ousborne, Baltimore, MD
(A thank you letter to Linda Miles for her gift of “CrossWalking – A Guide Through the CrossWalk of Dental to Medical Coding”)

“The coding is going well.”
Nicholas DiMauro, D.D.S., Middleton, MA

“As always, you've been most helpful. I was thinking today where I might be had you not come our way. I'm a firm believer that God puts people we need in our paths - if we only look for them. I'm forever grateful for you!”
Jackie H., Ayden, NC

“I contracted with Mrs. Harper in January of 2007. She has been very insightful and perceptive in ascertaining the needs of my office. She has worked diligently with me and my staff in planning and implementing systems to improve and enhance office efficiency. Her evaluations and times spent with us have been positive and constructive, and her suggestions have been invaluable. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Mrs. Harper.”
Dr. Daniel W. Harris, D.D.S., P.A.

“I requested Marianne’s assistance because I felt that my business office staff needed guidance in the organization and completion of daily and monthly duties. After Marianne spent time observing my office manager and front office assistant, she offered recommendations to improve our daily operations and collection goals. She offered constructive criticism and praise for tasks that were being done correctly. At first, my staff was apprehensive regarding her evaluation of their duties. They found out that Marianne’s consulting was handled in a professional and kind manner. My staff was never intimidated by the way that she presented her evaluation and recommendations.
My practice has benefited greatly from the expertise that she was able to provide with her experience. I am glad that I finally got the help that I needed in practice management. I would highly recommend her to other dentists.”
Karen S. Romine, D.D.S.

“You are my right hand and most of my brain. There are not enough words to express my thanks.”
Dr. Jim Congleton, New Bern, NC

“Thanks for all your hard work and diligence.”
Dr. Tom Bobrowski, New Bern, NC

“I think that the patients are the ones who will benefit most from this course—they will find treatment more affordable when alternative sources of funding become available for treatment.”
Dr. Trevor Connor, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

“I am so glad to be associated with you. You are awesome!”
Andrea D., New Bern, NC

“Thank you for the nice service.”
Dr. Dave Resnick, Ada, MN

“Thank you for all your help... You have helped us tremendously.”
Dr. Karen Romine, Sanford, NC

“Great answers, thanks so much!”
M. Lawrence

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“Marianne – great article!”
Randy Latta, Asheville, NC

“This month's email article was excellent and very helpful.”
Leanne Miller, PDH, BS, CDA

“We absolutely love receiving the Dental Pearls newsletter and look forward to each new publication.”
Masha Coday, Prescott, AZ

“As always really good stuff! You are a wealth of knowledge for us, thank you!”
Coley E.

“I Love your Newsletter! I Always come away with some useful information! Thanks :)”
Peggy Jordan Masselli

“Loved this time management article, Ms. Marianne… I will pass it along!”
Linda Miles, Virginia Beach, VA

“Great stuff, Marianne!”
C. Easterlin, RDH, BS

“Great information. Thank you.”
Janice Hurley-Trailor, Scottsdale, AZ

“I value your knowledge & look forward to your "Dental Pearls" newsletters.”
Karen Ruzck, NJ

“Marianne, thank you so much for sending these articles. They are very helpful and informative. Yes I would like to be included in the next letter.”
Paul Brunner
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Published Articles
“Loved this time management article, Ms. Marianne... I will pass it along!”
Linda Miles, Virginia Beach, VA

“Great information. Thank you.”
Janice Hurley-Trailor, Scottsdale, AZ

“Great stuff Marianne!”
C. Easterlin, RDH, BS

“Just read your article in Dental Practice Report. Enjoyed it very much and am interested in looking into medical cross coding for my periodontal practice.”
Dr. James Wilson, Tampa, FL

“I wanted to thank you for helping me bring this extremely important topic to the forefront in dentistry. Your article in Dental Practice Report was extremely important, as the problem of insurance reimbursement usually follows once a dentist has become educated about the ravages of sleep apnea, and attempts to incorporate treatment into their practice.”
Kent Smith, DDS
Co-Director of the Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea (DOSA)

“This is a strong piece, well-written, succinct and very hands-on.”
Steve Diogo, Editor-In-Chief, Dental Practice Report

“I got the column and it’s excellent.”
Steve Diogo, Editor-In-Chief, Dental Practice Report

“I recently read your article in Dental Practice Report (August 2006) titled Checks and Balances and found it very informative.”
Amy Farnsworth, DMD

“Thanks for sending me a copy of the article. I thought that you did a great job with it.”
Deborah D.

“I’m writing an article on CDT codes dentists often need for young patients and thought you’d be just the consultant to help me out.”
Deborah D.

“That is a perfect subject which will benefit our members.”
Dr. Brain Shue

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Patients & Private Individuals
“This was such helpful information, and I truly appreciate the time you spent to help me!... You have already given me some significant keys to this, especially the diagnosis code issue and the choice of the right procedure codes. You are an angel!”
Anne Cunningham

“Mrs. Harper was so helpful in obtaining benefits for _____’s visits with Dr. ________ when he had his mouth accident. We do not have Dental with Blue Cross, but had major medical. She filed it for us, because it was an accident and within 8 days I had a letter stating they were covering the 2 visits and within 2 weeks I had the check. Thank you so much Marianne – you are wonderful and an asset.”
Karen W., New Bern, NC
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“Your Cross-Walking guide is most helpful. I came from ophthalmology where we didn't have the dental/ medical issue. You have been a great resource in teaching me the dental side.”
Tonya Polk, University Oral & Facial Surgery, P.C.
Tuscaloosa, AL

“We purchased Medical Cross Coding (CrossWalking – A Guide to the CrossWalk of Dental to Medical Coding) a few months ago and have found it exceedingly helpful.”
Roland R. Bryan, DMD, PC
Manchester, NH

“I'm learning as I go, but it wouldn't be possible at all without your book.”
Pam MacNutt, Office Manager
Vickie D'Agostino, Maquoketa, IA

“Thank you so much! I have downloaded the book successfully, and I am just so very, very excited to have found your website. I have been trying for over a year to get help with medical coding and have run into brick wall after brick wall – you are my savior!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!”
Pam MacNutt, Office Manager
Springfield Orthodontics, Springfield, VT

“I absolutely love your cross coding book. I can't actually say I enjoy medical coding, but I like the challenge without the hopeless feeling of dread that accompanied the task before I had your book!”
Jamie Wisdom, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that your book has helped me so much. I'm coding more medical claims & bugging the doctor for help less. Thank you for doing this. One of the best seminars I've attended.”
Shelly H., Tucson, AZ

“We have your Cross-walking book and love it.”
Carol Durango, CO

“I watched both CD's. Very helpful.”
Dr. Paul Bornstein, Boca Raton, FL

“I just finished reading the eBook. Wow, it was really helpful.”
Dr. Jason Keledjian, Madera, CA

“Our practice purchased your eBook in March & it has been very helpful. It re-confirmed that we were doing a lot of things correctly & gave us some great insight as to what we can do better!”
Shawna S., Loveland, CO
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