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“You are lovely and the presentation was thorough and very helpful.”
Nancy Clark, Reston Family Dental Group, Reston, VA

“I have taken one of your courses before and I love you. You are a wonderful presenter.”

“I truly enjoyed your presentation - you did an outstanding job!”
Thomas P. Rose, D.D.S., M.S., Fountain Valley, CA

“I am still speechless with your absolutely brilliant class. The information, the way they were presented to the class, and your style of teaching are gold standard. Thank you so much! I spread the word about you and your class everywhere I go.”
Laila Shamsa, Encino, CA

“Your seminar was great and I am excited about the new codes. It was a pleasure attending your seminar. I look forward to future seminars.”
Wynette Davis, Councill Dental Group

“I attended your session held at the Perio Health office on April 4th, I enjoyed the session and it was very informative.”
Nanette Edwards, Bellaire Periodontics, Bellaire, TX

“I took a wonderful webinar from you a few years ago and learned how to successfully bill medical insurances for DME and TMD/TMJ therapy.”
Tyler Crawford, Crawford Orthodontics

“Taking your medical coding course has proven to be invaluable. It gave me the knowledge I needed to tackle submitting medical claims. I rarely receive a delay in processing notice from medical insurance, mostly because I use your recommendations on information to include with our claims.”
Sue Helms, Valley Endodontics, Appleton, WI

“Thoroughly enjoyed the cross-coding one 3 weeks ago... Excellent!”
Liz Presant, RDH

“Your seminar was more than awesome! This was the first seminar of yours I have been able to attend and I was so impressed with your presentation! I hope you will keep me on your mailing list so I can attend more of your presentations!”
Susan Burzynski, RDH, MSEd, FAADH

“I attended your Dental/Medical cross-coding webinar a few weeks ago, and it was very helpful. I learned quite a few things and I've already implemented them in my TMD claims. Thanks! :-)”
Tyler Crawford, Vacaville, CA

“Thank you for the wonderful lecture this morning on medical coding.”
Sharon Moua, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your assistance. Your class and guidance have been so helpful.”
Kathy L., Stockton, CA

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that your book has helped me so much. I'm coding more medical claims & bugging the doctor for help less. Thank you for doing this. One of the best seminars I've attended.”
Shelly H., Tucson, AZ

“Great attitude.”
Shelley H., Dental-Medical Cross Coding, Sacramento, CA

“I appreciate how much work Ms. Harper has put into her presentation and cross-coding manual. She is very knowledgeable.”
Betty J., Dental-Medical Cross Coding, Sacramento, CA

“Marianne was wonderful. She really opened my eyes to the possibility of helping our patients by utilizing their medical insurance policy so well.”
D., Dental-Medical Cross Coding, Sacramento, CA

“Very informational. Feel I can begin to bill some minor cases as soon as I return to the office.”
Doreen E., Dental-Medical Cross Coding, Sacramento, CA

“Marianne is a wonderful speaker, presenter, teacher. The course is worth every penny, every minute.”
Debra W., Dental Medical Cross Coding, Reno, NV

“I had attended a course on cross coding last year. It was very uninformative. I thoroughly appreciated this class. I would definitely recommend.”
Mary W., Dental Medical Cross Coding, Reno, NV

“Excellent presentation!!”
Judy B., Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar, San Francisco, CA

“Great material! Speaker presented clearly and thoroughly. Found this very helpful in eliminating fear of filing with medical carriers.”
Karin H., Richmond, VA

“You are an angel to send the forms. Take all the time you need to get back to me. It is tough to lecture, maintain a job and be a grandmother all at the same time.
My boss wanted and should have taken your course – he said your notebook blew him away and that he is overwhelmed.”

June C., Nashville, TN Secrets of a Profitable Dental Practice

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Very helpful with this complex topic.”
Valerie S., Dallas, TX Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“The speaker, Ms. Harper, was engaging and well informed on what can be a confusing topic for an inexperienced coder. The class was invaluable on the journey to assist the patients of our practice to receive the benefits they are due and the treatment they need.”
Patti H., Charlotte, NC Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“VERY, VERY informative!! She was great!! Wanted to make sure everybody understood!!”
Cindy C., Charlotte, NC Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“Thanks for a great day! Enjoyed the seminar.”
Deborah M., Houston, TX Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“Speaker was patient, calm and nice. Also, thorough. We covered all material effectively in a timely manner.”
Heather K., Houston, TX Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“Nice seminar instructor — very professional.”
Pauline M., Houston, TX Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“Marianne Harper is very knowledgeable and approachable. She had interesting anecdotes and I truly enjoyed her seminar, not to mention the information was very valuable to me and the practice I work for.”
Vania M., San Antonio, TX Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“I am happy to report, I have been having quicker responses from medical insurances since attending your seminar in February.”
Sue H., Valley Endodontics

“Marianne Harper is a great speaker/teacher. Thank you for all your wise information.”
Christine S., Fairfax, VA Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“She’s awesome.”
Sara W., West Palm, FL Beach Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“Very good class.”
Kim D., West Palm Beach FL. Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“She was great.”
Iliana H., Miami, FL Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“She was great.”
Cindy A., Miami, FL Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

Stephanie M., Dental-Medical Cross Coding Seminar

“Excellent! Information was very concise but extensive.”
Leann O., Cleveland Ohio seminar

“Wonderful presentation. Well prepared! Very thorough!”
Cristina H., Cleveland Ohio seminar

“I found this course wonderful. I learned a lot. I had no idea about the cross coding till today. I recommend this to anyone starting out.”
Brandi W., Pittsburgh, PA seminar

“Thank you for a very informative seminar in Pittsburgh today. It was a well spent day. You offer some things which offices need and most are not even aware of.”
William L. Hoch, DMD, MBA, MIIF, MAGD, Beaver, PA

Dr. Tena Powe, Cincinatti, OH seminar

“Wonderful course, very knowledgeable about a new and difficult subject.”
Dr. Jeremy Unger, Columbus, OH seminar

“Very informative thank you!”
D. Levier, Columbus, OH seminar

“Very informative. Learned a lot.”
Marie Cherry, RDH, seminar in Louisville, KY

“Awesome seminar. A lot of information for a day, but I am ready to go back to the office and start filing medical claims!”
Sarah McDade, seminar in Louisville, KY

“Excellent, useable information. Answered personal question unique to different offices. Very approachable speaker!”
Deborah Smith, seminar in Indianapolis, IN

“Great job!”
Crystal Lynn, seminar in Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you for an awesome presentation!”
Stephanie S., Brentwood, TN

“Marianne was a great speaker. She was easy to follow and very clear.”
Christina T., Knoxville, TN

“Very good course; appreciate all the assistance.”
Shawn M. Kerby, DDS, Omaha, NE

“Thank you for such an informative course. Your southern drawl was wonderful to listen to and your personal tidbits and photos added some levity to a very heavy topic.”
Kara O., Manchester, NH

“Love the class. Very insightful. Great speaker.”
Elizabeth Templeton, from Cross Country Seminar in Atlanta

“Fantastic! Best course Ive been to!”
Bridgette Blackwood, from Cross Country Seminar in Atlanta

“Marianne - Your seminar and materials have been a great help.

Jane M., Los Alamos, NM

“She did a great job and I learned a lot as it was a very good course.”
Darcie Bevers

“Great seminar – learned a lot.”
Cheryl Pare

“Presented very well. ”
Lana Champeau

Dr. Jeffrey Bassman, Davenport, IA

“Best  course I ever took for Medical-Dental Cross Coding.  Very thorough course with plenty of examples.   I would recommend this course to all dental offices. ”
Dr. Paul Saniuk, Illinois

“Very helpful.  I have only billed medical maybe ten times.  I now have a much better understanding of how the claim form and coding works.”
Tara Rueter, Illinois

“You have been extremely helpful…I would like to purchase your manual.”
Jean B., Tucson, AZ

“Wonderful webinar, well worth getting up & dressed early. Marianne stepped in as the pro she is!”
Nancy Brohawn, Newark, Delaware

“Finally, the whole body relation realization in medical and insurance and dental professions. Very informative and useful.”
S. Mish, Greenville, NC

“Very good”
J. Harris, Ayden, NC

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