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Dental-Medical Cross Coding
Columns by Marianne Harper
"Insurance Matters": Dental Practice Report
Continuing Education Course – Peer Reviewed
Dental-Medical Cross Coding 101 - Dental Economics, August 2013
Articles by Marianne Harper
You can do it! Oral sleep apnea therapy coded correctly - DentistryIQ.com - originally published in Dental Economics, May 2013
The power of cross coding: How hygienists can support their patients' overall body health - Hygiene Tribune, March 2013
Are we doing enough? The "how to" of medical coding for screenings performed in dental practices - DentistryIQ.com - originally published in Dental Economics, April 2013
6 scheduling tips from practice management experts - DentisryIQ.com
Economics of the Team Approach: How-to Guide for the Minimally Invasive Dental Practice - Inside Dental Hygiene
Cross Coding - A new way to increase your value - RDHMag.com
Coding when dental procedures fall under medical guidelines - DentistryIQ.com
The Tale of a Frazzled Office Manager - Dental Assisting Digest, April 17, 2009
... and how daily statements can make such a difference

Dental Practice Management: The Importance of Cross-Training - Dental Compare, Featured Article

The Need for Medical Coding in Dental Practices - Part 1
American Association of Dental Office Managers, Spring 2008

You can't mess with Mother Nature - Dental Economics
How a Disaster Contingency Plan Can Help Your Practice

Add Efficiency Through Forms - Dental Economics, May 22, 2008

Insurance Matters: Know your code revisions - Dental Practice Report, Digital Edition
Study these changes carefully to ensure you’re using the right code for the right procedure.

Insurance answers: Crack the code - Dental Practice Report, March 2005
How to use dental/medical cross-coding to help your patients and your collections.

It's Easier Than You Think! Changes on the New ADA Claim Form - "Facets", San Diego Dental Society, February 2007

The Art of Submitting Medical Claim Forms - Contemporary Oral Hygiene, January 2007

Change Makes Sense - Part I - Dental Practice Report, October 2006

Change Makes Sense - Part II - Dental Practice Report, November 2006

A Good Night’s Rest - Dental Practice Report, May 2006

Checks and Balances - Dental Practice Report, August 2006

In the Loop - Dental Practice Report, September 2006
Teach Insured Patients About Their Rights

Medical Billing Basics for Dental Practices - Insurance Solutions Newsletter, December 2005

Get A Budget - Dental Practice Report, A contribution to an article titled "High-Octane Profits", October 2005

Embezzlement - Dental Practice Report, A contribution to an article titled "How to Survive (Almost) Anything", September 2005

Insurance coding: Cure for the common headache - Dental Practice Report, June 2005
How to make sure you get paid for providing this important treatment.

Ownership As A Key To Profits - Dental Practice Report, September 2004

How a Dental-Medical Cross Coding System Can Help Decrease Your Costly Accounts Receivable

Those Irritating Denials (PDF)

The Little Cranberry That Packs a Big Punch - The Dental Assistant, Journal of the American Dental Assistants Association

A Cure For That Nagging Stomach Ache
How A Dental-Medical Cross Coding System Can Decrease Your Costly Accounts Receivable

Where Has All The Money Gone?

Will Your Office Manager Look Good In Stripes?

Daily Statements-"Are You Crazy?"
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