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Please watch the video on this page for great information on dentistry and the oral systemic link

Dentistry, as it has evolved over the last decade and continues to evolve, provides a wonderful opportunity to make a huge difference in our patients’ lives.  Dentists and their staff possibly have more frequent contact with their patients than do the patients’ physicians.  We in the dental field are learning through current research, especially that dealing with the systemic link, how we can make a direct impact on the overall health of our patients.  We are learning to look at more than just “the mouth” when we are treating our patients.  We are being taught about the signs and symptoms that are pointers to systemic disease and we are becoming more proactive in referring these patients to their primary care medical doctors when we suspect a medical problem.  In addition, we are learning how certain dental procedures can contribute to the overall health of the patient.  In addition, we can obtain additional insurance benefits for these patients when their dental work is being performed due to a medical necessity by filing with their medical plans.

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