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Dental-Medical Cross Coding
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Marianne is one of a very few who inspires dental practices to step out of the same old insurance coding rut and deal with coding based on the growing realization that dentistry should be considered the field of dental medicine. With the growing research into the systemic link, there is now more reason than ever for dental practices to help their patients afford their medically necessary dental procedures by filing with medical insurance plans. Through Marianne's cross coding courses, the myth that cross coding is too difficult and not worth the effort will be dispelled and attendees will be provided with the know-how to help their dental practices take the leap into cross coding and become part of the latest trends in cutting-edge modern dentistry thereby creating a win-win for patients and practices.
Marianne's main focus in her lectures is to help practices stay more profitable and keep good controls over accounts receivables. Her medical cross coding lecture does just that but several of her other courses also deal with this same vital area.
 View Demo Video Clip from Marianne's “Abra-Code-Dabra” Course
Choose from the following courses and contact Marianne to book your next event:
Dental Medical Cross Coding

This course will take the difficulty out of dental-medical cross coding. Through this introduction to cross coding, attendees will be provided with the know-how to help their dental practices take the leap into cross coding and become part of the latest trends in cutting-edge modern dentistry. Attendees will learn how to determine medical necessity and which dental procedures can be filed medically, how to work with different types of medical plans, and how to work with medical codes and forms. This course examines the WIN-WIN of implementing cross coding as both a benefit to our patients and also to our practices. With increased case acceptance due to cross coding, profitability will increase.

Course Duration: Full-day, half-day, or breakouts
Too Little, Too Late
Is This Your Practice Motto?

Agenda: This course focuses on all aspects of account collection starting from the initial new patient phone call, the initial visit, treatment planning, check out processes, insurance filing, tracking accounts and claims, billing, and collection of accounts.

The importance of collecting those production dollars is second only to the production itself. The financial health of your practice is directly related to the types of systems in place for account collection. Learn how to organize, simplify, and energize your collection systems.

Course duration: Half-day, or breakouts
Achieving Success as an Awesome Practice

Agenda: This seminar focuses on dental business office systems and how to add optimal efficiency to those systems to achieve greater practice success and profitability.

Course duration: Half-day, or breakouts
Stuff Happens!
And we donít have a crystal ball to tell us when

Agenda: This seminar will focus on the need and also the requirement of having a practice disaster contingency plan in place as well as the steps to implement such a plan.

Course duration: One hour, or breakout
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