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Consulting Services
The Art of Practice Management provides on-site consulting services. Our aim is to help practices reach their pinnacle of success. We recognize the achievements that the client and staff have made, and will build upon them. Our main focus will be on the revenue collection systems that include accounts receivable and insurance processing. We will implement systems to reduce accounts receivable, including introducing a dental-medical cross coding system. These systems can lead to a much-improved collection-to-production ratio. The Art of Practice Management will become your Accounts Receivable Magician. We will transform those A.R. numbers into dollars! We also specialize in:

Revenue Systems – We will evaluate the practice’s collection policies, from scheduling through completion of treatment, and will train staff to implement policies and procedures that will generate increased revenue and lower Accounts Receivable.

Front Desk Systems – We will evaluate all of the practice’s current front desk procedures and policies to increase efficiency, profitability and professionalism. Practice forms will be evaluated with the incorporation of needed new forms from my front desk forms kit. We will work directly with the front desk staff to implement new systems and maximize the use of current systems.

On-Site Training in Cross Coding – Insurance staff will be trained in the benefits of medical insurance coding, the types of procedures that can be filed medically, how to implement a medical coding system by learning about the different codes and forms that are used, and how to handle medical insurance claim problems and appeals.

Employment Law Compliance – The practice’s personnel policies will be evaluated and recommendations made to ensure employment law compliance.

Bookkeeping Systems – Evaluations will be made as to the accuracy of the practice’s bookkeeping system, and recommendations will be made to streamline the process and ensure it’s correctness.

Pediatric Practices – After having served as office administrator in a pediatric practice for almost fifteen years, we will be able to evaluate all practice systems and make recommendations and improvements to these systems.

Telephone or E-mail Consultations – Many dental practices are dealing with the need to learn about dental-medical cross coding. The Art of Practice Management offers consultation services for this need. This service provides telephone or E-mail consultations that include the time involved responding to the phone call or e-mail message and any possible research needed to provide an answer. Fees will be based upon the following time frames:

- Up to one quarter of an hour
- Each additional quarter of an hour
- Discounted option for 4 cumulative hours of support for a fixed price of $399

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